At Henne Jewelers, we live by our tagline "Jewelers for Life". We love helping you pick out special gifts to celebrate the most unforgettable moments in your life -- and hearing your stories along the way.

From intimate proposals to celebrating a personal triumph and all the moments in between, share one of your stories with us today.

Note: Someone from Henne will contact you to verify details before posting.

Ronald & Jacy

Congrats to Ronald and Jacy on their recent engagement!

Ronald proposed to Jacy as they were getting Christmas photos taken with a photographer. As you can see, her reaction is priceless. Thank you for trusting us and becoming a Henne couple! We can't wait to learn more about your wedding plans.

Dan & Lisa

Congrats to Dan and Lisa on their recent engagement! Thank you for becoming a Henne couple!

From a bagel date to a holiday proposal in Houston, Dan and Lisa are an amazingly fun couple who love surprises. Dan popped the question over the Thanksgiving holiday, with Lisa’s family witnessing the intimate moment.

Dave & Haley

Thank you to Dave and Haley for choosing to become a Henne couple!

It was destiny for Dave and Haley to end up together, but fate took its time. They grew up about 10 minutes apart from each other in Ohio and had mutual friends in high school, but didn't meet until their junior year at Duquesne University when his roommate was dating her roommate.


Zia & Dave

Congrats to you, Zia and Dave!
We are so thankful you became a Henne couple.  

Dave and Zia have been together since they were 16 in junior year of high school. They attended college together, and now live in Lawrenceville. Dave and Zia moved to California the summer of 2015, before Zia’s ring came in, so Dave had it shipped out to California so he could propose there. (Dave's father bought his mother's engagement ring from Henne, so it was special to him to use the same store for her ring.)


Austin and Emily met during their first year of college at Georgia Tech in the fall of 2010, where they took many classes together and became great friends right away...

domi & kam

got engaged at the convention center downtown on 1-14-17. Many of Domi’s family came in from out of town to celebrate with them.


He says when he pulled the ring out, it took her breath away and is a moment he'll never forget...

Art & Julia

Art and Julia are fun, easy-going and always up for a new adventure. He proposed to Julia in North Park, where they shared their first kiss. The proposal setup was a picnic with the couple’s new puppy Rookie (a mini golden doodle). They ate cheese and crackers with wine, and secretly Art had brought a dessert cupcake which had the ring in fondant visible from the top. He told her he had brought dessert, and then proposed. While they were at the park, Art had 200 balloons and 80 roses delivered to his house and set up by his mom with champagne. The couple celebrated by drinking champagne and then went to dinner at SOBA in Shady Side.

Evan & Halle

Evan and Halle got engaged on January 28. They used part of Halle’s Mom’s original engagement ring, which was very meaningful to both of them!

Bradley & Ellen

Bradley proposed to Ellen on a hiking trail surrounded by peace and serenity, with a beautiful Fire Cushion diamond engagement ring.

Alex & Carla

Engaged at 14,000 feet above sea level!

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