2017 Engagement Ring Trends in Pittsburgh

2017 Engagement Ring Trends

So you’ve met ‘the one’ and you’re ready to choose an engagement ring. It will be a symbol of your love and your impending marriage. And it's also something worn on a daily basis for decades to come. Classic styles like single solitaire rings will always be in style, but there are a few trends that are on the rise in 2017. Here are a few to consider when choosing your engagement ring.

Intriguing Halos

Halo settings have gained popularity over the years. It’s easy to be mesmerized by them because they include a row of sparkling gems that help draw attention to the center stone. This year, the halo settings are taking a leap and becoming even more unique. You will see intricate designs, vintage options, and geometric styles. The most popular halo style will look more retro and antique.

Accent Colors

When you think about an engagement ring, you probably think about diamonds. Colored stones were a big trend to include in engagement rings in 2016 and they still are for 2017. This year, instead of using just a diamond, you may want to find a ring with a colored accent. Consider a ring with an emerald and diamond duo or one with a diamond and a ruby. Go with a birthstone, favorite color, or personal taste. Two colors add a pop to any ring and make it more distinctive and special.

Edwardian Options

Edwardian rings are known for being intricate and feminine. They use a lot of diamonds, colored gemstones at times, and plenty of platinum. They also always have intricate details to show they are from the Edwardian era. Whether you want a vintage design or something that looks handmade, these rings have a distinctive charm that really stands out. The craftsmanship always looks delicate and the rings come off as one-of-a-kind designs.

Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are non-traditional and much edgier than traditional diamonds. The stones have a dark look but are associated with passion and certainty. They are a nice symbolic choice for any engagement.  Add to the black diamond a geometric style and accent stones, and you come away with a look that will stand out in any crowd.

Stacked Rings

Stacked rings have been popular for several years, but in 2017, they are becoming the trendy norm. Who doesn't like two rings stacked together instead of just one? Stacked rings allow a variety of styles to come together. There are standard solitaire rings that can be stacked with rows of diamonds and there are more intriguing geometric shapes that go with contoured bands.

Opal Stones

Opals have a dreamy look – and who doesn’t want a wedding to be dreamy? In 2017, you may see some couples replacing the diamond in the engagement ring with an opal instead. The stone gives off a mystical quality and has a rainbow of hues that fits any outfit. Opals are associated with love and loyalty, two things every long, successful marriage should have. They can stand alone or be surrounded by diamonds and other stones to create a particularly dazzling look.  

Intertwined Bands

When people marry, two become one. The romantic notion of a twisted band, forever entwining your love, is becoming very popular in 2017. The symbolism is stunning and the bands themselves can be described in the same manner. Intertwined bands look like two put together and wound around one another. The bands are often encrusted with diamonds, but they can also be metal, and feature a stone at the center.


Rubies are the ultimate symbol of passion and love. Those who like vintage styles will treasure an antique-looking ring that features a ruby, but there are modern options as well. The ruby gives off a regal feel and the beauty is often simple and sleek.

Clusters of Stones

This 2017 trend breaks away from the single-stone group and adds a trio or grouping of various sizes of diamonds together. Many brides say the more diamonds the better – and these rings place many of them in a cluster to give extra shine. Some of the rings have an asymmetrical design that makes them appear more artsy or creative while others cluster the diamonds in a more proportional manner.

Pave Split Bands

The Pave bands were a huge trend in 2016 and their popularity remains in 2017. The band includes a split shank. The band splits into two where it joins with the diamond. The two separate bands are often lined with diamonds, which gives a stunning, sparkling presentation to any finger.

Rose Gold

Rose gold has a slight tinge of pink to it and really makes diamonds and other stones pop. Rings with rose gold settings will disappear from the shops fast because they stand out and are right on trend this year. Trends come and go; however, some couples like to choose a trend popular in the year of engagement. When doing so, the ring captures a meaningful point in time in the relationship and freezes that excitement. When looking back at the ring design, the trend evokes nostalgia. Other couples choose rings which are more classic in style. This timeless design may signify a lifetime commitment. Whichever style you choose, it’s more important that the journey and decisions leading to it are full of love and collaboration – just like the relationship is!  

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