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The best engagement ring experience is at Henne. From trying on the ring to seeing the exquisite diamonds in person to creating your dream bling to witnessing our customer service in action, Henne goes above and beyond every time. Seeing is believing.

Looking for an engagement ring that will feel like it's made just for you? At Henne Jewelers we've helped thousands of couples find engagement rings that fit their unique style and budget and reflect their love stories. Choose from hundreds of settings, certified diamonds, and completed rings. So whether your dream ring is a stunning solitaire, a three-stone beauty, a flashy halo, or something vintage-inspired, our friendly, no-pressure engagement ring experts will be excited to help you find (or create) it! Browse some of our rings online, then make an appointment to see more in person! 

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Estate/Vintage Engagement

At Henne Jewelers we have one of the most extensive estate and vintage jewelry collections in Western PA. If you're looking for a vintage or estate engagement ring, you'll find an incredible selection at Henne, along with the best value. 

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