Luke Proposes to Mykayla with a Henne Engagement Ring While Standing in The Rain

Luke & Mykayla

They were nudged into starting a conversation, and oh what it became! A little over two years later, Luke proposed to Mykayla where they shared their first kiss!

How they met

Luke and Mykayla met in September 2016 at one of their favorite bars in Chicago, Stanley's. Luke told his friend Ben that he thought Mykayla was cute, but he was afraid to talk to her. Ben then proceeded to casually bump him into her, and that began a conversation! They went on a few dates after that and began dating in October 2016.

About the Proposal

A little over two years after they began dating, Luke proposed to Mykayla where they shared their first kiss -- also outside the first apartment they lived in together. Ben just happened to be in the vicinity and captured the most amazing photos of the proposal!

Looking toward the Future

Luke and Mykayla plan to get married in Chicago in early 2020.

Thank you so much for choosing Henne, and to your friend Alex for recommending us! We wish you all the best as you continue living in Chicago.

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