Henne Couple Engagement Story: Robert & Isabella

Henne Couple Engagement Story: Robert & Isabella

Congrats to Robert and Isabella on their engagement!

Rob and Bella met freshman year of high school - they were in the same first period biology class. After almost 2 years of being "just friends", they started dating and now have been together for 10 years!

Bella leaning into Rob holding hands
Rob and Bella in black and white laughing together
Rob and Bella engagement photo close up

About the proposal

Robert and Isabella moved into their first apartment together on May 1, 2021 and spent the majority of the day unpacking and putting things together. After a long day, they went to Urban Tap for burgers & beer and then strolled through Mellon Park. As they got back to their front steps, Rob stopped to give Bella a hug and started to say the most wonderful things. Before she knew it, Rob said "I don't want to wait another day" and was down on one knee. Easiest yes ever!

Rob and Bella with noses touching
Rob and Bella right before kissing in black and white
Rob looking over his shoulder at Bella

Looking toward the future

Rob and Bella are getting married on May 27, 2023 in their hometown of Milford, PA. Rob will be graduating from Pitt Dental only a week before the wedding, so May is a big month for them! They're so excited to celebrate with all of the people they love most.

Kudos to Carroll Tice Photography on the beautiful shots!

Why Henne?

Henne was able to help bring to life the exact ring that Rob wanted for Bella. The setting and the stone were perfect as was the experience of buying something she can cherish forever. Rob worked with Andrea and chose a hidden halo solitaire mounting in white gold by Fana, with a cushion-cut diamond for the center.

Bella's engagement ring hidden halo cushion-cut diamond solitaire ring in white gold


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