The Henne difference


At Henne Jewelers, we pride ourselves on providing Pittsburgh with top customer service and carrying on the incredible legacy begun by Rudolf J Henne in 1887. Every member of the Henne team is committed to helping clients find the Rolex timepiece ideal for the occasion and based on the wearer’s style. 

Whether a client already owns numerous watches or is looking to purchase their first Rolex, the Henne team carries an intimate knowledge of the Rolex brand and combines that expertise with a love for serving their customers. Our sales associates, watchmakers, and service coordinator regularly attend Rolex-provided training and continuing education, to ensure that the experience we provide to Pittsburgh watch lovers is a direct extension of the legendary Rolex brand. 

Fourth-Generation Owner & President


"When I began leading my family’s business, becoming an Official Rolex Jeweler was a top priority for me. We work with a lot of companies in the industry. Rolex is the pinnacle of excellence in every respect. Their attention to detail and perfection really comes through. You can see it across the board with the company, certainly in the product which is most important, but it translates to their advertising, the customer service, and every touch point we have with them along the way. I am so proud to represent such a fine brand in Pittsburgh for more than 20 years."

"One of the aspects I love most about Rolex watches is their sentimental value. I love the stories I hear from customers about buying their first one. They remember where they were and what occasion they were celebrating. A Rolex watch is a special piece that can really mark milestones in someone's life.

They also make amazing family heirlooms. There are very few things a father owns that carry real meaning. A watch is one of them, and in my opinion probably the most significant. I selected a steel sport model each time my wife Dara and I had a boy (we have 4). I wear a Daytona for Jack, a Yachtmaster for Luke, a Green Submariner for Mark, and a Bleu/Noir GMT for Clark. Their initials are engraved on the back, and the boys notice when I wear ‘their’ watch. Someday they’ll have their watch, knowing that I wore it for years. Hopefully it will represent our family, our values, and our relationship with them.”

Our team finds such joy in helping customers find a timepiece and caring for that watch for years as a Rolex Authorized Repair Center, from repairs to complete overhauls of family heirlooms.Henne customers deserve excellence, and Rolex delivers unmatched quality and value." - John Henne

Sales Associate


“I’ve worked at Henne Jewelers for 42 years – I’ve been selling Rolex timepieces for 22 of them. I’ve been able to serve two and even three generations of customers from the same family, which is a rare and rich experience. Rolex timepieces are robust, among many other adjectives. I especially love the Datejust 41 watches, with their clean and timeless styling. Working with customers, having them put on a Rolex and seeing them fall in love with the timepiece is very rewarding.”

Rolex Experience Liaison


“I joined the Henne team in a unique role designed specifically to serve current and prospective Rolex customers, following several years at a country club located in the Pittsburgh region. I work to improve customer service in-store and online – before, during, and following a purchase. The Datejust collection is a smart option for everyone. I have yet to meet someone who could not find a configuration of a Datejust that suits their individual style.”

Sales Associate


“I’ve been with the Henne team for 6 years. Rolex watches are so generational. Customers always want to share the history behind their Rolex timepiece – when and why they received it and what it means to them. Every Rolex has a story, and it’s a privilege to be part of that story.  If I had to choose a favorite model/collection, I’d choose the Oyster Perpetual collection. The color dials Rolex introduced offer a fun, fresh look on a classic timepiece.”


Henne team members are committed to serving our Pittsburgh clients with the highest levels of customer service, which means having an intimate knowledge of the Rolex brand.

All new team members follow a comprehensive onboarding process to acclimate them to our store, culture, jewelry, and the brands we sell. They spend an extensive amount of time shadowing another associate before they can be fully responsible on their own, and Rolex is the last step. It generally takes a sales associate more than a year to earn their own set of keys to the Rolex case. Longer-tenured employees also have regular trainings and continuing education opportunities regarding Rolex. 


We are located on Walnut Street in Shadyside, in the East End of Pittsburgh. We welcome walk-ins but suggest scheduling an appointment. Whether you’re local to Pittsburgh, received a recommendation from a Henne customer, or are passing through, we invite you to visit our store. Our Rolex team looks forward to providing a personal and extraordinary experience from start to finish.