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Kelsey is one of the most influential bloggers in Pittsburgh, known for her honest and encouraging content that inspires women to love themselves, their bodies in any size and to go after their dreams! Her refreshingly candid take on life and genuineness is what we, and everybody else, love about her! Jamie, her boyfriend and Kelsey have been working with us to create her perfect ring, in anticipation of a surprise proposal to come. While designing her dream ring, Kelsey picked out rings she knew you would love! "There's a beautiful ring for every style and each one represents how wonderfully unique we all are," says Kelsey.  

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For the Dreamer

Whether you daydreaming about the perfect wedding, or maybe just about what’s for lunch, this ring is for you. The beautiful teardrop shaped diamond is what dreams are made of, and the band on this one is even full of glitz. Try dreaming up a ring prettier than this one – I dare you.

SKU: 77397

For the Glamor Girl

This ring is for the girl that considers wearing white as a guest to a wedding. You absolutely thrive in the spotlight and everyone wants to be you. You’re basically a 2020 version of Serena van der Woodsen. This ring is made of up three gorgeous diamonds all outlined by even more diamonds. Grab your sunglasses for this one!

SKU: 81954

For the Perfectionist

If you’re the type of girl that lines up your throw pillows every morning when you make your bed, this ring is for you. The clean lines and smooth, iridescent diamond just scream perfection. You could probably even use this ring to check your hair during the day. What girl wouldn’t want a mirror constantly attached to their finger?!

SKU: 75545

For the Go Getter

Since you’re always making moves and don’t like anything getting in your way – including your rock – this is definitely your ring. The circular diamond is the perfect size for whatever the day throws at you. And guess what…the shine on this bad boy will keep you looking bright-eyed, even if you’re in need of 6 cups of coffee.

SKU: 78645

For the Mom of the Friend Group

You’re the girl that keeps tabs on all of your friends and always knows exactly what to say to chill everyone out. It is also very possible that you have band-aids and extra hair ties in your purse. You always work so hard to keep others happy, so here’s a stunning ring to put a big cheesy smile on your face. The two-toned band holds an oval-shaped diamond that sparkles at all times of the day – just like you!

SKU: 84154

For the Girly Girl

For the girl that thinks feels like all is well with the world when she has yellow daisies on the kitchen table, I have the just ring for your perfectly manicured finger! The unique shape on this ring almost has the silhouette of a flower, so now you can carry that put-together feeling along with you wherever you go.

SKU: 84168

For the Traditionalist

The girl that belongs in this ring is a lover of tradition and feels like you shouldn’t fix it if it isn’t broken. You also probably feel like cauliflower shouldn’t be used for rice – because how untraditional and weird is that?! This classic design on this ring is absolutely beautiful with the circular diamond and gold twisted band. You won’t find another ring more timeless than this one.

SKU: 83990

For the Trendsetter

You’re not afraid sport that pink tweed blazer in a stiff, professional environment. You tend to set the trends, and you probably always will. If this sounds like you, this is the ultimate ring for you. The pink and gold tones along with the unique hugging design of the diamonds will serve as a statement piece to go with any outfit that you come up with. I bet you won’t find anyone with a ring just like yours.

SKU: M80785

For the Edgy Girl

If you love a bold red lip and a distressed band tee, this ring will be your jam. The unique shape on this ring gives an edge to the typical diamond ring. The pointed edges and funky shape take the ‘too girly’ vibe away and replace it with a sharp, stylish feel. You’ll really like the look of this one.

Engagement Ring SKU: M82600   Band SKU: M82607

For the Old Soul

You’re over mainstream and what’s typically popular. If you’re the kind of girl that feels like you belong in another era, this ring would be absolutely perfect for you. The layout of the multiple diamonds on this piece along with the silver curved band create an old-school vibe that will surely help you find your roots.

Engagement Ring SKU: M82597   Band SKU: M82621

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