Goldstock Letter



January 17, 2019


Dear Goldstock Customer,

I am writing to you firstly to thank you for all of your support over the many years. It has been our privilege to serve you and especially during our recent liquidation sale upon our retirement.

Over these past two and a half months we have been overwhelmed with the many stories of your purchases at Goldstock and the many happy times they represented. Our hearts have been warmed by your kind words upon closing our store.

Many of you have asked us, who can I go to, who will take care of me, who will check my engagement ring that is my most cherished possession.

At Goldstock we worked hard over the years to earn your trust and I feel completely confident and happy to recommend to you Henne Jewelers in Shadyside.

John is a business owner who conducts affairs at Henne with the same honesty and integrity that I tried to maintain at Goldstock over the years. John is active in the jewelry industry nationwide and is well respected. Henne carries a large variety of beautiful jewelry including diamonds and engagement mountings, colored stones, pearls, silver and fine watches. Henne is one of the few authorized Rolex dealers in the city. Shadyside is a gem in Pittsburgh with many restaurants and shops.

We encourage you to stop in at Henne. Tell them Goldstock sent you for a complimentary jewelry cleaning and inspection. Check them out also on their website,, or on Instagram or Facebook.


Best Wishes,

Michael Kurtz
Goldstock Jewelers