Engagement Ring Photos

Your Rings Deserve to be Remembered, Too

By Stephanie Desmond for Henne Jewelers

Just when a bride thinks she has planned it all – food, favors, music – she realizes she overlooked one important thing; the photos. Despite booking the best photographer in town, it’s important to take that next step and plan a list of your personal “must have” pictures for the event.

Bridal Guide has compiled a list to help start the process, with reminders for the preparations, ceremony and special moments between the bride and groom. Any reputable photographer, though, should already have the basics down pat.

The essential thing for any bride is to seek out the unique photos she wants to try. From the leaping bridal party to the recent phenomenon of a photoshopped t-rex (check Pinterest and you’ll find it with no trouble), the distinctive photos can be the ones that stick out and stay displayed through the years.

One important category brides often overlook is a few shots of the wedding rings. Newly engaged couples usually overload on pictures of the bride flashing her new bling, but once the ceremony comes along it’s long forgotten.

Do some research and gather a list of ideas for your photographer. Think of shots that would go with your overall theme, ones that show your style as a couple, and photos that would work well in your home.

For instance, you could use this shot above your bar:

engagement ring on cork

Or this one to show your love of Scrabble:

wedding rings scrabble

Perhaps this one to display both your rings and the flowers you chose:

wedding rings in flower

The first step to deciding which pictures will look best is to choose your wedding bands. Rings full of sparkle may look better on a plain background, whereas standard rings can be dressed up with props and pattern. Henne Jewelers has a wide selection of wedding bands for the bride and groom that will make all of your photos look amazing. The Henne experts can also help you understand how to correctly clean your gems and metals so that their best sparkle and shine are captured for all of time.

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