New Engagement Ring Gallery from Henne Jewelers!

New Engagement Ring Gallery from Henne Jewelers!

By Stephanie Desmond for Henne Jewelers

Choosing the perfect engagement can be a daunting task. With so many options, it can be hard to find exactly what you are looking for. Henne Jewelers hopes to make it easier with their custom galleries and expert guides. The latest, Rings Under $6500, feature rings that fit every taste and budget.

The idea that three months' pay should go towards the ring is nothing but a myth; all that matters is that the one you choose is ideal for both the purchaser and recipient. This gallery features an assortment of gorgeous rings that will not break the bank.

With price concerns out of the way, you have time to focus on what makes your ideal ring. One of the most popular cuts is the princess. It was created in 1980 and can fit almost any kind of ring. This one features a .79 carat princess cut and 40 round diamonds around the band and the center stone.

There are many other cuts and styles that compliment any individual style. From pear to cushion to round, each features a setting that defines the couple and tells a great story.
        Another aspect to consider is the metal you prefer. While white gold and platinum are the most common, other hues are a modern choice for a piece that stands out. These two feature rose gold and gold florentine bezel mounting housing a round diamond. They are classic yet unique.

To choose the perfect ring from this gallery or any of our other collections, stop by Henne Jewelers in Shadyside today or browse all our beautiful rings right now!

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