March Birthstone Jewelry: Aquamarine & Bloodstone

March Birthstone Jewelry: Aquamarine & Bloodstone

The predominant birthstone for March is aquamarine, perfect for those who love clear skies, ocean waves, and all things blue! For those who prefer a more organic, earthy look, bloodstone is an alternative that is sure to delight. Read on to discover more about aquamarine jewelry and bloodstone jewelry.

Aquamarine: One of the Most Popular Blue Stones Today

Aquamarine is reminiscent of a cool, pale body of water on a clear day, most known for its sparkling light blue tone. Hence the name, aquamarine, which is named for water of the sea in Latin!

Aquamarine is a variety of beryl, a cousin stone to the emerald, which grows in areas such as Sri Lanka, Brazil, Pakistan, Colorado, and Idaho, just to name a few.

This March birthstone can come in varieties from the palest of blues to a sea-green to a light very slightly bluish-green, depending on the stone.

Aquamarine: The Spiritual & Metaphysical Properties

Known for its oceanic color, aquamarine was is often referred to as the treasure of the mermaids, according to folklore. It was used by sailors as a good luck token and for protection when out at sea, and for prayer and meditation throughout the course of history.

Some jewelry wearers believe in aquamarine’s restorative properties, that it possesses powerful energy that can rejuvenate the body and mind. It’s also believed to lift spirits and help the wearer solve problems with a clear mind, offer provision and good luck, and promote love and affection. Aquamarine even has been associated with providing aid in legal matters and litigation.

Aquamarine Jewelry, Wearability & Designs

Aquamarine rates 7.50-8.0 on the Moh’s scale of hardness, which means that aquamarine is perfectly suited for frequent wear, but do take care to treat it like a piece of fine jewelry.

Fine aquamarines combine the right amount of color and clarity, along with careful cutting. You’ll find aquamarines with no visible inclusions in any cut your heart desires, including:

  • Emerald-cut
  • Oval brilliant cut
  • Round brilliant cut
  • Radiant-cut
  • Fancy cuts
  • Cabochons
  • Concave cuts
  • And more

Aquamarine jewelry is readily available and suitable for all budgets and styles. Princess Diana wore an aquamarine ring, and there is the Brazilian aquamarine tiara that Queen Elizabeth II has worn, along with a matching necklace, earrings, and bracelet. However, aquamarine is popular among the masses and March babies as well. Today aquamarine jewelry is used to celebrate the 19th wedding anniversary.

Aquamarine crystals can grow to be quite large, making the gem perfect for statement pieces. The gem can be set into platinum, silver, and white, rose, and yellow gold. Choose an aquamarine ring, necklace, or bracelet with diamond accents to highlight its sparkle and shine, or go for a simpler design that allows the stone to speak for itself. For a more modern look go for an East-West set aquamarine or a bezel setting.

Bloodstone: A Beautiful Jasper Chalcedony

Bloodstone is the other March birthstone, lovely and beautiful in its own right. It’s a variety of chalcedony, a relative to quartz.

Used by professional energy healers, bloodstones are said to possess incredibly strong healing powers and can increase personal mental and emotional strength and energy. They’re also associated with the lower chakras.

Bloodstone is also an alternative birthstone for February.

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