Vianna Brasil Jewelry Collection Available at Henne Jewelers in Pittsburgh

Henne Jewelers brings on the spirit of Brazil with the Vianna Brasil collection

By Stephanie Desmond for Henne Jewelers

The desire for exotic gemstones is found in every warm-blooded woman. Henne Jewelers is now fulfilling that need with the Vianna Brasil collection.

The jewelry comes from the business started by the Vianna family in Brazil four generations ago. Most of the gold and gemstones come from the state of Minas Gerais, which is Portuguese for “Golden Mines.” The combination of Amethyst, Citrine, Aquamarine and many others creates a look unlike any other.


Inspired by the culture of Brazil, this jewelry truly captures the spirit of the country. Many of the pieces feature geometric shapes like in these earrings…


… combined with gold organic lines like this multi-gem bracelet.

Each piece features a clean traditional or fancy cut. This is achieved through manufacturing in the company’s own cutting facility, the only one of its kind in Brazil. Through this process, unique shapes are achieved that completely define this brand.

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