Engagement Ring Trends to Watch for in 2021

Engagement Ring Trends to Watch for in 2021

It’s hard to believe we have bid 2020 farewell, and for many it’s a sigh of relief. Another year brings the hope of ending the pandemic, and moving forward as we carry the lessons we’ve learned. Last year we saw jewelry trends shift to reflect sheltering in place and working remotely, and at Henne we adapted with virtual concierge services.

Engagement and wedding ring trends continue to evolve, along with the engagement ring shopping process. Many couples have embraced simplicity, from their choice in ring style to how quickly they purchase. While destination proposals are still popular, it’s equally as sweet to hear from couples who got engaged at their local park, during a date night at home or even inside Henne’s jewelry store (true story)!

At Henne we track current bridal ring trends, keeping in mind what is popular here in the Pittsburgh region and beyond – so we can offer an amazing ring selection for your style and budget. Check out these 2021 engagement ring trends, and reach out if a particular ring or design piques your interest!

Unique Engagement Rings – It’s All in the Details

"Unique engagement rings are possible for every budget, so they’ll continue to be a top trend for 2021 and beyond."


Engagement rings are always personal. It’s the symbol of committing your love and doing life with another. But in recent years we’ve had couples ask for unique details, custom designs, and wanting to use a family heirloom diamond or gemstone (which can remain as is or be re-cut depending on the condition).

From a birthstone to a design that suits the person’s profession to even creating a ring from a customer’s favorite opera, anything goes.

Alternative gemstones continue to be desirable, from sapphires to morganite and varying colors of diamonds.

For a truly sentimental ring, have it engraved with messaging or add a subtle detail that represents your relationship.

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Band-Style Rings & Statement Wedding Rings

The Knot asserts that band-style rings are in demand, mainly because some have postponed their weddings or know that their engagement period is going to be longer due to COVID-19. They lend themselves to a more simplified wedding ring shopping process as well, especially if you plan to have a short engagement.

Choose a ring that can serve as both an engagement/wedding ring, or a wedding ring that can be worn on the left or right hand. Statement wedding rings are versatile and can be worn with an engagement ring or by themselves. Need a bit of inspiration? Check out our ideas, from double bands to mixed metals, Art Deco styles to luxe diamond bands that are wider and add lots of sparkle.

Classic Engagement Styles & Modern Fusion

Classic styles are timeless and look great regardless of your lifestyle and daily attire. For many, there’s just nothing like a diamond solitaire accent or a diamond setting, so they’re nearly always trending. For the best of both worlds, add a modern twist.

  • Consider a bezel or East-West setting. Both still look classic and yield all the attention to the dazzling center diamond.
  • Opt for a unique shape or cut, such as a square emerald-cut diamond, an elongated marquise-cut diamond, a kite-shaped diamond or an Asscher cut.
  • Unique side stones can set your ring apart as well, from briolettes to trapezoid shapes, tapered baguettes, and more. (Not to mention, you can choose a fancy color diamond or choose an alternative gemstone.)
  • Mix your metals – designers like Mark Patterson have found ways to use two colors of gold that offer an air of sophistication. His White Rose Collection is edgy but still elegant (rose and white gold are actually melded together). Another ring style uses white gold/platinum for the band and rose gold for the prongs.
  • Do you love three-stone rings? Petite side stones are on the rise, and there are plenty of options to make this style completely your own as you celebrate your past, present and future.
  • Shop for your engagement ring from all angles (especially if you work at a computer and are looking down at the side profile of your ring often). Many ring styles look classic from the top but stand out with diamond accents in the gallery or bridge (areas underneath the center stones) or along the prongs. These diamonds are almost like a surprise, keeping your ring fresh and beautiful from every angle.

Evolution of Diamond Halo-Style Rings

In the Pittsburgh region we’ve seen halo-style settings continue to thrive, but designs have grown far beyond the traditional.

Our customers have opted for double halos (gives a much bigger look for the budget), three-stone rings with halos, and diamond halos surrounding the side of the diamond in the gallery.

Do you love halo-style rings but need some inspiration to make it unique? Check out these angelic sparklers!

Keep it Versatile With Diamond Stacking Rings

The sky is the limit with ring stacks. Here you can enjoy a diamond solitaire ring, adding 1, 2, 3 or more bands. (Romantic tip: Make it a tradition by adding to your stack when you celebrate a milestone anniversary!) Additionally, it’s easy to change the look based on your current mood, fashion choices, or simply because you want to add to or simplify your wedding stack.

Don’t be afraid to mix yellow, rose and white gold. Embrace various textures, from milgrain edging to twisted bands, bypass diamond bands, bands with bezel stations, chevon and contour band options, bands with alternating diamond cuts, and more.

A new popular style is the tiara band, ideal for the wearer who wants a regal look as well as variety in their ring stack. The possibilities are endless with this current trend.

Go for the (Yellow) Gold

While white gold and platinum reign among Henne customers, yellow gold has made a major comeback over the past several years. Rose gold is still prominent, and pretty much every style is available in the color gold you prefer.

Vintage & Antique Diamond Cuts - Still Trending

Vintage engagement rings (or vintage-inspired styles) and antique diamond cuts have become quite popular, even as couples search for modern styles. Old European Cuts, Old Mine Cuts, rose cuts and transitional cuts are distinctly beautiful, and they carry the legacy of love from bygone eras. If you’re a romantic soul, a vintage engagement ring with Victorian or Art Deco flair may be perfect for you. Plus, many estate rings (or even loose estate diamonds) are sold at an incredible value, which is always trending.

Incorporate Your Something Blue

With so many customers wanting to add color to their engagement rings, it’s no surprise that it’s often a blue stone. You may automatically think of the royal blue color of sapphire, which is a stunning choice, but bear in mind that just about every hue of blue is available.

Henne’s gemologist can help you choose a loose sapphire, spinel, aquamarine, topaz or tourmaline to use in your engagement ring, making it trendy and timeless simultaneously.

With Engagement Rings, Personal Preference is What Matters

A parting note: jewelry media outlets may publish yearly trends, and we see hundreds of customers every year as they shop for engagement rings and wedding bands. There’s truth to the trends, for sure. Yet ultimately it comes down to personal preference. Save some pictures and ideas for engagement rings, and see how you like them based on your skin tone, finger length, etc.

You have your own unique style, and chances are as you shop for rings, you’ll eventually find a diamond, setting, and design that ‘just feels right’. That’s your dream engagement ring, and for you it’ll always be on trend.

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