Bringing Country to Pittsburgh with Vincent Peach

Bringing Country to Pittsburgh with Vincent Peach

By Stephanie Desmond for Henne Jewelers

Vincent Peach’s designs have become essential for country music’s elite. Now, thanks to Henne Jewelers, Pittsburgh can channel its inner rock star.

Connie Britton on ABCs "Nashville," wearing Vincent Peach

Handmade in Nashville, TN, it is no wonder that Vincent Peach's collection has permeated pop culture. His designs can be seen on Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert, Sandra Bullock and more. If you watch ABC’s “Nashville,” you will likely recognize quite a few pieces from his collections. As a stylist for the series, at least one of Peach’s designs can be seen on almost every episode.

Peach has been an artist since a very young age. After partaking in the family pearl wholesale business, he combined his artistic spirit with jewelry to develop his signature line. He tested several designs over time, finally settling on a vision through a leather cord bracelet with a single pearl. Peach still wears it to this day.

Including pearls and leather, his collections only use the finest quality materials. They also include pavé diamonds, sterling silver and more. Despite evoking feelings of elegance through Hollywood’s starlets and exotic undertones, Peach hopes that his line will be something women like to wear every day. “I don’t want people to wear it once in a blue moon when there’s a fancy event and they dress up,” Peach told ''Nashville Arts Magazine.' “I want people to wear our jewelry every day. I try to make every piece so you can wear it with a T-shirt or an evening gown. It’s jewelry you live with.”

Henne Jewelers is currently carrying pieces from two of Vincent Peach’s collections: the ‘Pearl’ and ‘Equestrian’ Collections. These two necklaces, a bohemian lariat braided leather necklace with freshwater pearls and ‘Camelot’ south sea leather necklace with bezel set diamonds and Tahitian pearls, are perfect for daily wear.

To dress it up a bit, try this ‘Pebble’ cuff leather bracelet adorned with freshwater Kesi pearls.

Bring it all together with these ‘Seaplicity’ Tahitian pearl and leather earrings.
Lucky for everyone in Pittsburgh, Nashville is no longer so far away. With Vincent Peach’s self-proclaimed “high end stuff you wear every day,” your new favorite accessory is just around the corner.

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