Tirisi Jewelry Available at Henne Jewelers

Bring it all together with Tirisi jewelry!

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One of the most essential pieces for a woman is something that can go from day to night. An effortless look is a must have for any busy lady who has limited time to accessorize.

An excellent line for any time of day is Tirisi. The “Moda” collection straight out of the Netherlands is all about being free. The designers have no restrictions when it comes to material choices, style and color.

Exciting colors, like those found in the Tirisi leather bracelets,can really make putting an outfit together fun. Bright colors can be intimidating for some, though, especially if they are nervous about perfectly matching. If you are nervous pairing colors, take it back to art class.

The color wheel is the essential tool for those really interested in making a perfect match.

When using bright colors, go for complementary colors. It’s easy to tell which hues are complementary because they are directly across from each other on the wheel. Try pairing orange and blue or yellow and purple.

If you're still nervous, consider using an accent color. Take a black dress and bring it together with these red bracelets and a pair of red pumps for a hot look.

An even safer look uses analogous colors. These are super easy to find on the color wheel because they are right next to each other. Some say they don’t go together well, but a red dress and these light pink bands make for a classic look.

Look for the Tirisi bracelets and pendants at Henne Jewelers!      

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