Spring Jewelry Trends in Pittsburgh

8 New Jewelry Trends for Spring

If you have the right pieces of jewelry, you can create your own look no matter what you have in your wardrobe. Keeping up with trends can be effortless if you grab a couple of the right pieces of jewelry this Spring. Take note of these Spring items, and you'll be on track to look and feel in style in the upcoming season.

1. Statement Necklaces

Chokers continue to be popular. In addition, the long necklace, which is also called the Sautoir, is still as popular as ever this Spring. Look for long necklaces that pack a punch. Whether they feature bold colors, chunky designs, or asymmetrical feels, they make an otherwise plain outfit stand out. Popular at Henne are necklaces made from various gemstones such as labradorite.

2. Artsy Earrings

Earrings can pull an outfit together or they can stand out as individual pieces of art. The innovative use of materials can showcase earrings, making them distinctive. They are often paired with toned-down ensembles so they don't overshadow the outfit or make the overall look too busy. At Henne, you can find artsy earrings made with moon stone and mother of pearl.

3. Minerals

Spring brings with it a large variety of uncut minerals in jewelry form. The raw stones have appeared as highlights on the runway. The different stones can look raw and natural. They can bring muted colors to any ensemble and provide intrigue. Since they are generally larger, most don't wear more than one of these pieces at a time.

4. Cuff Bracelets

Bracelets never go out of style. But this Spring, the trends lean toward layered statement pieces that are more like cuffs than bracelets. Cuffs showcase graphic shapes with mod style curves. Henne Jewelers carries a variety of cuff bracelets including designs from Efva Attling and Halcyon Days.

5.Single Large Earrings

If you want to go big with your earrings this Spring, pick just one earring for one ear. Oversized earrings can be so long that they skim the shoulders or beyond. Tip for 2017? Wear only one earring on one side. Since single earrings are statement pieces, they are generally worn without any other jewelry.

6. Maxi Charms

Many of the jewelry trends for Spring 2017 say “large”, and the maxi charms are no different. The rebel influences translate into a mix of large charms including gold spikes or dangly pearls. Large charms, when paired together, make a striking necklace. An excellent example of this is found in the jewelry from designer Monica Rich Kosann. Here, you’ll see the layering of a combination of lockets and large charms that can be removed and added to enameled bracelets or charm bracelets.

7. Stackables

Whether you like bracelets or rings, stacking them up against one another is a hot trend in 2017. Stacking and layering is a great way to change the look of your wardrobe without buying new outfits. With bracelets, you can stack different sizes with different materials. With rings, you can stack a variety of stones together to create a new appearance.

8. Drop Earrings

Not every piece in 2017 is meant to be a statement piece. Drop earrings are small and subtle. They help to frame the face and create a polished look. Watch for delicate drops that look like studs in the ears and cascade down a few inches. Colored stones can bring out the color of the eye or the colors in the outfit. These earrings can give you the right amount of movement and sparkle to create a great first impression.

It’s fun to follow trends but remember: it’s even more meaningful to follow your unique style. Wear earrings that express your personality and necklaces that demonstrate your mood. Include new trends, but always remain authentic to your individual style.

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