2021 Jewelry Trends in Pittsburgh - Chain Necklace

Dream Big With 2021 Jewelry Trends in Pittsburgh & Beyond

COVID-19 is the first pandemic many generations have experienced, and it’s affected nearly every aspect of life. The jewelry industry has ridden the wave that was 2020, with styles that reflected sheltering in place. Some states have started to re-open fully and vaccines are being distributed. Society is ready for a big year when it comes to fine jewelry. A bright year. A year where walls come down and creativity awakens.

At Henne Jewelers we carry jewelry that follows the latest trends, as well as timeless classics to complete your time capsule collection of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and more. Plus, we collaborate with influencers in the Pittsburgh region and are always watching trends unique to our area.

Read on to discover more about 2021’s jewelry trends you can expect to see everywhere, from the runway to the (virtual) office, and from a cozy night in to a party with your favorite people. Wherever you live and regardless of pandemic timing, you’re sure to find options for every style and budget.

Metals, Textures & Layers

Jewelry had been trending bigger for awhile, yielding to simpler and more utilitarian designs in 2020. Pittsburgh jewelry lovers chose paperclip chains and layered with varying textures and lengths. That trend will continue for sure with fresh features like hammered metal, different finishes, and pavé links. You’ll also see multi-strand necklaces, mesh rings, two-tone delights, padlocks, and design features reminiscent of hardware.

Layer With Long Necklaces

Long necklaces are key for your layering game. They’re versatile so you can wrap them, mix metals, add charms, and more.

Go casual or dress them up, switching from silver chains to bolo necklaces, diamond and gemstone stations, lariat and y-style necklaces. If you want to simplify, just wear them solo! At Henne we have tons of options at every price point.

Get Your Jewelry in Shape

More jewelry styles to watch for are geometric designs. This trend highlights bold pieces that have sharp lines and distinct shapes that give the jewelry texture and dimension. If you’re looking for an edge in 2021 (literally), add a geometric ring, stud earrings with pyramids, large bead necklaces, and trilliant-cut gemstones.

Making a Jewelry Statement

Throughout the pandemic virtual meetings have become the norm – in the workplace, gatherings with friends, and even weddings and baby showers! As a result, our Pittsburgh jewelry shoppers are looking to make a statement that will be seen on a screen.

Choose from large vintage pendants from your favorite jewelry era, pieces that are ornate and sparkly, a lovely brooch featuring antique cut diamonds, a multi-strand pearl necklace, or a magnificent gemstone pendant.

And remember, big and distinctive doesn’t automatically mean expensive. There are plenty of statement pieces that don’t carry the large price tag but are still great conversation starters.

Best of all? If you shift back into in-person gatherings, that’s all the more reason to celebrate and wear your most eye-catching jewelry.

Go Big (Earrings) or Go Home

Keeping virtual meetings in mind, another way to make a statement is with long drop earrings or large earrings.

Silver and enamel drop earrings allow you to keep the size but lower the cost. Long drop earrings with diamond stations are in high demand, sometimes alternating with another gemstone.

Look for drop earrings with varying textures and shapes. For the vintage lovers, go for a pair of Art Deco earrings, which offer dimension and elaborate detail.

Pearls With a Modern Twist

Jackie Kennedy is credited with saying “Pearls are always appropriate.” That’s true.

This organic miracle of a gem is always in style. Jewelry designers have moved far beyond the classic strand of pearls. We are excited to have seen fabulous pearl jewelry that reflects other 2021 jewelry trends such as long drop earrings, long necklaces, modern ring designs, and styles featuring mixed metals and textures.

Add in some variety in the pearl types, shapes and overtones, and you’ve got this trend covered.

Color Me (Bead Jewelry) Happy

If you love colorful jewelry, then 2021 is going to be your jam. The runways were full of beaded jewelry, and at Henne we have Nina Pugliese, whose Exclusively by Nina collection features all types of beaded jewelry. Currently in stock are two stunning bead necklaces, one with aquamarine and the other with Peruvian opal – sure to make you dream of sunny skies and crystal blue waters. Nina’s coral branch necklaces would make a great gift for a beach lover, and her stretch bead bracelets are very popular among Pittsburghers.

Speaking of sunny skies, it’s fitting that the Pantone Colors of the Year for 2021 are a cheerful yellow called “Illuminating” and a soft gray called “Ultimate Gray”. With enamel stacking rings, hoops and huggies and bangles still trending, it’s easy to add yellows and grays into your jewelry collection.

Enamel jewelry gives a pop of whatever color you choose, but its popularity has increased due to the rising price of gold. Mix in some jewelry essentials in yellow gold, and complete your look with colorful exotic gemstone jewelry.

A Return to Nature

Nature never went anywhere, but many of us have re-discovered it over the past year, so it’s no surprise that nature-inspired jewelry is a top 2021 trend.

Women who delight in a whimsical look or who prefer more delicate jewelry will love choosing styles featuring floral motifs, bees, butterflies, dragonflies, leaves, vines, and more. Pavé accents add sparkle, while varying textures and finishes offer something different for everyone.

Always Trending: Sentimental Jewelry

A parting note to those who aren’t looking to capture a runway look with the latest jewelry trends: sentimental jewelry and any jewelry that you use to express yourself is always trending. Use one or two of the trends and put your unique touch on them with charms, lockets, talismans, medallions, letter initials, and engravings. They’re sure to become some of your favorites, because they tell the story of who you are.

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