Travis & Juliana

May 29, 2019

For a lucky few, their first crush becomes so much more...

How they met

Travis and Juliana met in 2nd grade at Valley Christian Elementary School in the Bay Area, California! He vividly remembers having a crush on her even then.

In 2000, after 4th grade, his family moved to Williamsburg, Virginia. But before they left, his parents threw a goodbye party with his friends and family, where he distinctly remembers writing Juliana a note where he professed his undying love for her and said how much he'd miss her.

Although he stayed close friends with a few people from the West Coast over the years, he and Juliana lost touch until 2018, when Juliana was in D.C. for a business trip.

They decided to meet up for dinner to catch up. He remembers seeing her get out of her Uber and wondering how in the world she wasn't married yet. In his words, she was beautiful and hopped out of the car with San Francisco sass, immediately seeming comfortable and confident.

The meal turned into quite a long dinner and a tour of the monuments. They began dating long-distance after that. While coast-to-coast wasn't ideal, they knew there was something special between them.

Where they are now

Thankfully, Juliana was able to move to D.C. this year through her work, which is the first time she's living on the East Coast. Travis is thankful that she is trusting and uprooting her life to build one with him...even as she adjusts to humidity, bugs, winter, and much more rain.

Travis recently proposed to Juliana with a beautiful Henne ring.

Travis and Juliana, thank you so much for being a Henne couple! We wish you all the best as you continue your epic love story.


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