Taylor & Brittany

November 07, 2018

Taylor met Brittany and was immediately intrigued. Fast forward a year+ later, and he created the perfect proposal at The Outlook on Mount Washington, followed by a surprise engagement party with all of their friends and family!

How they met

Taylor and Brittany met at work. Brittany started on Taylor's team in July 2017. Taylor was immediately interested in Brittany, but she needed a bit of time ;-).

Taylor decided to ask Brittany out at their work holiday party and spent the entire night working up the courage to ask her on a date - she happily agreed and they have been inseparable ever since! They love eating and biking their way through Pittsburgh and share of love of the city skyline at night.

About the Proposal

Taylor and Brittany had talked about getting engaged in the Summer, and Brittany was (not) patiently awaiting Taylor to pop the question. In late summer, Taylor's mom had "planned" a birthday party for his dad in the Fall to throw Brittany off the scent. She thought it was odd to plan so far in advance but went along with it. Her suspicions continued to grow as Taylor said that he wanted to go to dinner on Mt. Washington and enjoy a walk at The Overlook before the weather got too cold ...uh huh ;)

When they walked onto The Overlook, Brittany was eager to get to dinner but Taylor said he wanted to enjoy the view a little longer. She rolled her eyes and obliged and then he said he had 3 gifts for her : 1. A kiss 2. A little package of flowers he had gotten from their favorite florist (shoutout to The Farmers Daughter!) 3. A beautiful box. She could barely contain her excitement and agreed she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him too!

He then surprised her and told her they were going to their favorite restaurant, Piccolo Forno, and then they would be heading to his parents' house for dessert. They stopped by his house to pick up a few things before heading there, but SURPRISE! Taylor had planned a surprise engagement party with all of their family and friends. It was the perfect end to the perfect night!

Looking toward the future

Taylor and Brittany are excited to plant their roots on the North Side of Pittsburgh, continue their involvement at their church, City Reformed Presbyterian, and continue working at the place where it all began.

Taylor and Brittany, congrats! Thank you for trusting Henne and allowing us to be a part of your journey.