Stephen & Anissa

Stephen & Anissa

Once upon a time there was an awesome man at a fundraiser who saw a woman in bright red shoes. They bonded over their mutual love of their community and a desire to make it a better place. After spending over 10 hours on their first date deep in conversation discussing local issues and solving the world’s problems, they were pretty much inseparable.

The two have faced off in the political world, and have been referred to by their friends as a modern-day James Carville and Mary Matolin. The number one question they always get is how they are able to build a life together being from opposite sides of the political spectrum, and Steve always gives the same answer with a huge smile on his face: “We find better things to talk about.”

Why Henne?

Steve and Anissa were excited to work with Henne because the Henne family has been very involved in the local community. It was also very important to the couple to buy from a local business, especially given the challenges so many are facing due to the pandemic.

As soon as they walked in the door, they were greeted by Terrell, who showed them unparalleled hospitality and kindness. He introduced them to Ally, their sales associate and she was awesome. She was super helpful, and absolutely made them feel comfortable throughout the process. Steve and Anissa totally expected great service based on the Henne reputation, but she exceeded anything they could have imagined.


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