Robbie & Thalia

December 07, 2018

Congrats to Robbie and Thalia on their engagement! Despite doing long distance, they are still going strong. Read on to hear how he proposed.

About the Proposal

Robbie currently lives in Mississippi and Thalia lives in New Jersey. He went back to New Jersey for Thanksgiving and took her out to dinner. After they finished dinner, he walked her to the park where they had their first date, and to the bench they first sat on. He handed her a leather journal that had "Will you marry me?" written inside. Robbie had bought this journal 10 years ago and told himself he would give it to the girl he planned to marry. Ironically enough, she had gone to Italy a month earlier and brought back a leather journal for him -- a very fitting gift!

They are still going strong despite starting and currently being long-distance. Without a doubt they can't wait to begin their lives together as husband and wife.