Henne Engagement Ring Couple Renato & Saira Showing Off Saira's Engagement Ring

Renato & Saira

Renato and Saira have the cutest story that began on Memorial Day. Saira made the first move, but Renato gets major points for romantic dates, surprises, and a sweet proposal that also included a Ring Pop!

How They Met:

Renato and Saira met on Memorial Day 2015 through a few of their best friends. Saira ran out the door and nearly missed him but noticed his arms, big smile, and "Jersey" sunglasses. They chatted a bit that day, and later on Renato's birthday the sparks started to fly when Saira took a chance and kissed him on a loud, crowded dance floor.

After spending several more weeks getting to know each other, Renato took her on a date to the zoo and then the Grand Concourse. After dinner, he gave her a baby tiger stuffed animal and asked her to be his girlfriend. And the rest is history!

The proposal:

It was going to be just a normal Saturday and a date with Renato. They both had been sick with the flu, and Saira was still feeling tired. She even tried to postpone the date, but Renato insisted that they keep the date and that she wear the new dress and boots she had just gotten. Saira admits she is normally very curious, but for whatever reason didn't suspect anything.

Renato and Saira arrived at Station Square and began walking to the restaurants. They kept going to the fountain and the train tracks. She looked over to the right, and to her surprise and amazement she saw their parents, her aunt, and her cousin. She looked back to Renato and knew something was up. Renato had a whole speech prepared, but Saira kept interrupting him :-). Then he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. All that Saira heard was 'marry me'.

Saira always joked with Renato that a Ring Pop would make it a real proposal. So to make it official, he also gave her a Ring Pop!

Looking ahead:

Renato and Saira are so excited to be engaged and are in the process of planning their wedding!

Renato and Saira, thank you so much for trusting Henne Jewelers. The ring is amazingly unique, and it was a privilege to work with you. Best wishes as you move toward your big day!

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