Nick & Christine

May 07, 2018 1 min read

Nick and Christine met in 2015 and bonded over a shared interest in the Washington, DC restaurant scene. Their long-distance relationship led to Nick moving to be closer to Christine, and the rest is history! Nick proposed to Christine on her birthday at an amazing restaurant in Baltimore.

How They Met:

Nick and Christine met in Washington DC in 2015 while Nick was still living in Baltimore. They initially bonded over a shared interest in exploring the growing restaurant scene in Washington. Today they still enjoy trying new food and wine!


After a couple of years (and many miles) of commuting between Washington and Baltimore, Nick moved to DC in the Spring of 2017. (Nick and Christine still consider their love to be a "dual-city relationship" however, which extends to a friendly rivalry when their respective football and baseball teams play each other.)

The proposal:

Nick and Christine headed to a special restaurant in Baltimore that they had been wanting to try for some time. It was Christine's birthday, which was the perfect cover story for the night. They enjoyed a great meal culminating in a dessert, champagne and proposal paring.

Looking ahead:

Nick and Christine plan to tie the knot in the Fall of 2019 and look forward to starting their lives together in Washington.

Nick and Christine, thank you for choosing Henne and coming to Pittsburgh to purchase the ring! We wish you all the best as you look toward the future.


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