Henne Engagement Ring Couple Mike & Allison Share a Hug on Their Wedding Day

Mike & Allison

Congrats to Mike and Allison on their recent marriage! Check out these epic photos by Steven Dray Photography!

How They Met:

Mike and Allison met five and a half years ago on the Southside, brought together accidentally by a mutual acquaintance. While neither was looking to start a serious relationship, love held the reins. They quickly devoted every free moment to long nights at the Cheesecake Factory and constant emails throughout the day. Both knew it was something special and admit that within a few months they knew they had found the one.

The proposal:

Mike proposed to Allison when they were out to dinner at Tako, her favorite restaurant, while celebrating her birthday. Afterward he had organized a surprise engagement party for her! Allison says she has never been so surprised.

About the wedding:

Mike and Allison had a great time planning their wedding. They had the same vision and enjoyed picking out the details to make the day turn out exactly like they wanted. Their wedding day was a genuine reflection of their personalities and their love.

Mike and Allison, thank you for letting us be a part of this moment! Thank you for being a Henne couple.

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