Henne Engagement Ring Couple Steve & Kira Share a Sweet Moment in the Woods on Their Wedding Day

Kira & Steve

How they met

Kira and Steve met over 10 years ago while they were both in college. Kira was working at a small golf range and Steve was there on Easter Sunday practicing in his off time. She saw him and immediately knew that they would be together so she did something completely out of her nature, found him on Facebook and the rest is history!

About the Proposal

Their 10 year anniversary fell on a Friday and Kira happened to get out of work early that day. While she was on her way home Steve told her that he was out looking a new truck. They didn’t have plans for their anniversary until the following day so they were just going to enjoy a night in with a good bottle of wine. Steve drove home in his shiny new truck and Kira ran outside to take it for a spin. After they got back from the test drive they popped open a bottle of wine and Kira told Steve to open his card she got him. He slyly told her to open hers first. Without thinking anything of it she ripped open the envelope to find an adorable card with a puppy on the front. She opened the card and glanced down to see ONE sentence. Kira's first thought was “10 years and only one sentence!?” Then she actually read the writing. “Happy anniversary... maybe this year I get to call you my fiancé?” She couldn’t believe what she was reading. Then Steve dropped to one knee. “Something new for me (his truck) and something new for you.. I love you so much, will you marry me?!” It was the most perfect surprise EVER with the most perfect princess cut diamond ring.

Tying the Knot

Steve and Kira were married on 11/7/2020 at Oak Lodge in Stahlstown, PA!

Photo credit: Carly Hall - https://www.wildnorthweddings.com/

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