Jon & Teesta

February 04, 2019

Love knows no boundaries. Love covers all. For Jon and Teesta, that is certainly true!

Their story

Jon and Teesta met in Stat Mech class, and both believe the best thing they got out of that ordeal was each other! Over the next year and a half, they met each other's families spread out across the United States and India, and the response and love was overwhelmingly positive.

Jon and Teesta proposed to each other in April 2018. Teesta gave Jon a simple Celtic band, while Jon gave Teesta a beautiful Henne ring. She said it was perfect :-). They had a court wedding in October in the U.S., and then headed off to India for a big fat Indian wedding. Jon's family attended as well, and Teesta shared that it was incredibly beautiful to see how their love culminated in such a wealth of enriching experiences for their families. It takes courage to choose someone from a vastly different background, and for Jon and Teesta it became a testament that love knows no boundaries. Both families had a ton of fun together celebrating their marriage.

Jon and Teesta went on their honeymoon to Puerto Rico, where they spent some time with Jon's best friend's family and soaked in the beauty. They also enjoyed plenty of mofongo and alcapurria.

Congrats to both of you and to your families! We loved being part of your love story and admire the love you've found in each other. Wishing you all the best in 2019!


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