Henne Couple Engagement Story: George & Julia

Henne Couple Engagement Story: George & Julia

Congrats to George and Julia on their engagement!

George and Julia met in 5th grade (their first year of middle school). They had neighboring homerooms, and because they both had T last names, they were both the 26th student in each homeroom, so they were partners for activities. George and Julia became friends early in high school and started dating junior year!

George on one knee proposing to Julia
George and Julia hugging
close up photo of Julia's engagement ring

About the proposal

George proposed during a trip to Rhodes, Greece - the same island of Greece his Papou proposed to his Yiayia! He surprised Julia with a private chef dinner on the beach surrounded by candles. It was perfect!

right after George's proposal to Julia
George and Julia posing with her holding up her ring hand

Looking toward the future

George and Julia are in an apartment with their dog Cora. Julia works as a registered nurse in Pittsburgh, and he is a medical school student at Pitt, so they plan to stay local for a while until his residency! They will likely get married in 2024.

Why Henne?

Julia chose her ring to be from Henne Jewelers because they had so many unique designs in the store, and everyone was so friendly! They gave George and Julia drinks and a book to take with them at the end, which made for a very pleasant experience. Julia had no idea what she wanted going into it, and Nina helped her narrow it down to the perfect option -- a Classique Creations mounting in 14K white gold featuring two pear-shape side diamonds and diamond accents, with an oval-cut center diamond.


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