Hannah & Dan

January 21, 2020

How they met

Dan and Hannah met in a post-undergrad leadership program called the Pittsburgh Fellows. For 9 months they explored Pittsburgh together, built friendships together, served in the city together, wrestled through questions about faith and work together, and so much more. It was such a special time to build a solid foundation together before they started dating. At the end of the program Dan asked Hannah on a lunch date, and that's where it all began!

About the proposal

On December 14th, Hannah walked into Mediterra café to save seats for her and a friend to get lunch. To her surprise, she walked in to see Dan sitting in the same spot they both sat on their very first date. Her jaw droped as she realize that today is the day he's going to propose. Turns out, she wasn't getting lunch with her friend! Dan had a whole surprise-day that was starting from the very first moments of their story. They ate lunch while they reminisced together about our conversations on that first date. He told her everything he was feeling that day. For the rest of the afternoon, they drove and walked around Pittsburgh to special places throughout their relationship - spots they'd had important conversations, the spot where "I love you" was first said, and so many other memorable spots. Ending at the Mt. Washington overlook, Dan asked Hannah if she knew what the date was that day. Well, she had no idea… so he smiled and said, "Today is December 14th. Exactly 8 months from today is the day we're going to say 'I Do' to one another. But before we do that, I need to ask you something…" then he got down on one knee (freezing cold rain and all) and proposed! The same friend that she was "getting lunch with" was hiding and photographing the whole thing, unbeknown to Hannah: a puddle of emotions and happy tears. Dan then surprised her AGAIN with a bag full of getting-ready things and her favorite dress to wear to their fancy engagement dinner. The cherry on top of the perfect day was walking into his parents' house, thinking they were stopping by just to say hello to his family - but instead walking into a big party with her family and all their closest friends there. The celebration and the entire proposal day blew any expectation Hannah had ever dreamed - and further confirmed why she's so grateful for the intentional and loving man she gets to marry on 8/14!

Looking Toward the Future

Hannah and Dan are getting married in New Hampshire (where Hannah is from), but planning on living in Pittsburgh for a few more years. They're not sure what else is to come - but trust God with it and are just excited for everything to come!

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