David & Yaqi

David & Yaqi

They came from China and England, but they were meant to be. David and Yaqi met during a business lunch at Casbah and became good friends working on various projects together. Recently David took Yaqi back to the very spot their story began and got down on one knee.

Their Love Story

David and Yaqi met for the first time during a business lunch at Casbah, a restaurant in the East End of Pittsburgh, in January 2017. She had come in to Pittsburgh to look for apartments before taking a job as a research chemist. A senior leader of her company was meeting her for lunch and brought two colleagues with him, one of whom was David. He spotted her from across the room and was instantly attracted. They became good friends as they worked side-by-side on various projects, and they realized how much they liked spending time together.

David is from England originally, and Yaqi from China. They have traveled so far from their roots, but they have much in common. They make each other laugh every day, they care about their friends deeply, and they both love to try new food and learn about new cultures. They also enjoy outdoor activities, listening to music and watching movies. In short, they are the perfect fit.

About the Proposal

David thought about where he wanted to propose to Yaqi. He called a few different restaurants that were special to them, but he decided he wanted to propose at Casbah, where they first met. He arranged for them to place a table right by the entrance, in the exact spot where he saw her for the first time.

They arrived at 7pm on September 14, sat down and ordered cocktails, dinner, and wine. David asked the waiter if he could take a photo for them and they both got up. Yaqi didn't think it was too odd, because they often get photos together while dining out. However, he held on to both of her hands and began to propose (paraphrasing):

"Yaqi, we are standing at the exact place when I first saw you a year and half ago, ever since then, my life has completely changed. I didn’t even know it is possible before this that anybody can be so much in love with someone. We have had so much happiness together in the past year, but it is just the beginning of all the happy days we will have together in the future. You have made me so happy. I am in love with your kindness, your intelligence, your wit and your beauty. And the most important thing for me in life now is to protect you, care for you, and make sure you are safe, and make you happy every single day for the rest of your life. Every moment I spend with you is so precious and I know this feeling will never change. I promise I will forever put your well-being far above my own. Yaqi, will you marry me?"

And he took the ring out and got down on one knee. Yaqi was crying seconds into his proposal, and when he opened the box she saw the most beautiful ring she's ever seen in her life. She said YES! Yaqi felt like the happiest person on Earth. The whole restaurant burst into applause, and many people came by to tell them congratulations.

Looking toward the future

David and Yaqi are looking forward to all the happiness that awaits them in the future, including starting a family together.

Congrats to the both of you! Your story had us gushing. Thank you for sharing a part of your love with us.

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