Henne Engagement Ring Couple Dave & Libby Celebrate Their Engagement

Dave & Libby

We at Henne have known Libby since she was a little girl, although she admits she used to be more interested in the chocolate coins than the diamonds! But when she met Dave and knew he was the one, that all changed.

How They Met:

Dave and Libby met through their mutual best friend, Bryan, their freshman year at Boston College. It wasn't exactly love at first sight because they were polar opposites, but that turned out to be the exact thing that brought them together!

They officially began dating their senior year, and the rest is history.

From that point on, they navigated the many ups and downs that come with a relationship including long-distance dating, getting to know different cities, and two graduate school programs.

Dave proposed to Libby on a beautiful Saturday morning walk in the woods, a walk they take whenever they are in Boston very close to the campus where they first met and fell in love. After he proposed (and she said yes), they celebrated with friends at an engagement party!

From All of Us at Henne
Libby, we are so thankful for your family and their continued loyalty. We feel privileged to have been able to give you your dream ring. We hope that no matter where you and Dave go, you will feel as if you're carrying a piece of Henne and Pittsburgh with you.

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