Dan and Arielle

Dan and Arielle

The Sweetest wedding

Congrats to Dan and Arielle on their marriage! Dan and Arielle got married on June 11, 2021 on their 7-year anniversary. They were ecstatic to be able to have the wedding of their dreams with all of their family and friends after postponing their wedding for 11 months due to COVID-19. The couple tied the knot at St. Joan of Arc Church in Hershey, PA where Arielle is from, and their reception was at The Hotel Hershey. They had the most amazing day followed by a relaxing honeymoon in Antigua. It was worth the wait!

Arielle Opening Her Engagement Ring Box on Her Wedding Day

Kudos to Landon Wise Photography for the stunning photos!

Arielle Smiling on Her Wedding Day While Holding a Henne Jewelry Box
Arielle Wearing a Beautiful Necklace from Henne on Her Wedding Day
Henne Engagement Ring Couple Dan & Arielle Share a Kiss Outdoors on Their Wedding Day

Why Henne?

Arielle's engagement ring was from Henne Jewelers and they had such a great experience shopping for their wedding bands with Jami. She also wore a diamond necklace on her wedding day that was from Henne (it was her grandmother's engagement ring that Henne helped her design and remake it into a diamond pendant necklace). It was the perfect "something old" accessory to wear on their special day. Dan also surprised Arielle with a Henne pearl necklace as a gift on their wedding day.

Arielle shares that Henne Jewelers has been such a special part of their life these past few years starting with her engagement ring to their wedding bands and wedding day accessories. The couple is excited for their future together and they know Henne will be involved for all of life's special moments.


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