Christian & Teresa

Christian & Teresa

An excerpt by the sister of the bride:

"And that’s the word that comes to mind when I think about Teresa and Christian, and their love. It’s joy. It’s big moments of joy, and it’s little moments of joy, all knitted up together. Big moments like Hayden’s first birthday party or their engagement announcement, and little moments, like a walk with Hayden down Butler Street, toys in the wagon, or snuggles between father and son on a beach in Kiawah.

The joy in their life together is so deep, and so abundant, that they can’t help but invite you into it. That’s why we’re all here today."

The Small Moments

For Christian and Teresa's family and friends, they've gotten to witness a love that shines in the small moments. The way they check to see if the other needs something before they leave the room, or a quick affectionate touch, or a statement of admiration for an otherwise everyday chore. Christian remembered the early days when he had a difficult time mastering the art of the diaper change. And when Teresa was away traveling, she’d leave little love letters of encouragement for him all over the house, and he’d find them throughout the weekend. Teresa remembered the first time she spent Christmas in Philadelphia, and Christian put together a “Girlfriend basket” of all these little things with her favorite brands. She said he didn’t even make a big deal out of it, but it stuck with her.

Christian and Teresa have have grown in their love even during the past whirlwind of a year, with all the challenges of being working parents in the middle of a global crisis, dealing with upheaval at work, starting a new job, figuring out what’s for dinner, remembering to bring a mask to daycare, renovating the house, and then spending more time in said house than certainly anyone predicted.

So on their wedding day, friends and family gathered to celebrate Christian and Teresa and their commitment to the small joys, small acts of kindness, and everyday moments that reflect a BIG love -- and a bond that is sure to last a lifetime.

Why Henne?

Teresa shares that they felt immediately welcomed by everyone at Henne Jewelers. From the moment she and Christian entered the front doors to the second they selected the perfect stone & setting with Jami, they had a better experience than they ever could have imagined!
Based on customer service alone, they'll be Henne customers for life!


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