Bobby & Savannah

February 28, 2020

How they met

In the first message Savannah sent to Bobby after they matched online, she said ‘I see you like singing in the car. We should make a music video sometime.”

About the Proposal

One of Savannah's favorite pastimes was making music videos in the car on long road trips. Fast forward almost three years and Bobby finally agreed to do one with her after the latest Tesla update included ‘Caraoke.’ It just happened to have one of their favorite karaoke songs in its library which is "Love is an Open Door” From Frozen. They sang the song which ends with a proposal, which is when he pulled out the ring. All in a moving car!

Looking Toward the Future

Savannah is a flight attendant so they take advantage of the flight benefits and travel as much as they can. They aim for one big international vacation a year and as many smaller US based ones. Bobby and Savannah love to see as many new places as they can before start trying for a family in a few years.

Photos by Steven Dray -

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