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Conflict Free Diamonds

Henne Jewelers believes that the sale of jewelry should enhance and strengthen relationships and that every diamond should demonstrate love towards others. Because of this, we are committed to sourcing our diamonds from ethical and conflict free zones. We strictly adhere to the Kimberley Process, a set of requirements that ensures all diamond mining, trade, and sales are certified conflict free.

The Kimberley Process

The Kimberley process regulates diamonds by ensuring that every diamond is certified conflict-free before it enters the legitimate diamond trade. These standards are upheld through a series of import, export, and internal controls in order to ensure the diamond is sourced ethically from mining all the way through the final sale to the consumer. Members of the Kimberley Process cannot legally trade with any other company who does not adhere to the minimum standards of the process.

Zimbabwe Diamonds

The mining and sale of diamonds from Zimbabwe has been reported to be the cause of various human rights issues, including the funding of wars against legitimate governments. Because of our commitment to ethical business practices, we do not do business with any supplier who sources diamonds from the Marange diamond district in Zimbabwe.

Responsible Gold Mining

We strive to source our gold from suppliers that adhere to the highest possible mining standards. Our goal is to ensure that our gold is sourced from suppliers that are both environmentally friendly in how they remove the gold from the earth and influential in improving the standard of work and living for their miners.

Jewelers of America

We believe so strongly in our convictions that our president, John Henne, sits on the Executive Committee of the Jewelers of America; one of the organizations that helped to found the Kimberley Process in an effort to end the sale of conflict diamonds around the world. This process now regulates 99% of all diamond trade globally. Jewelers of America also holds its members to strict social, environmental, and ethical business practices in order to ensure that our customers can trust their jeweler.