August Birthstone Jewelry: Peridot, Sardonyx & Spinel

August Birthstone Jewelry: Peridot, Sardonyx & Spinel

Do you or a loved one have an August birthday?

If so, you have three birthstones celebrating your birthday: sardonyx, peridot, and spinel.  These three gemstones are each unique and compelling in their own right and are sure to offer interesting jewelry choices for every style.


According to the American Gem Society, sardonyx was the first known birthstone for August.  It’s a type of chalcedony characterized by bands of dark brown, brownish orange or brownish red alternating with either black or white.

Sardonyx has been used throughout history for cameos and intaglios. It continues to be a popular gem used for beads, cabochons, and tablets. Loved ones who are religious will appreciate sardonyx jewelry. In Europe it symbolized the virtue of spiritual living and the humility of the saints.


Peridot offers a striking contrast to sardonyx as an August birthstone. It’s bright and exciting, usually transparent and coming in a variety of colors.

Most often you’ll see peridot as bright green and yellowish-green to a more muted olive green. It looks lovely in traditional and fancy cuts, especially when combined with other gems in contrasting colors.

August birthdays who love bright and exotic colors are sure to find peridot jewelry captivating and worth adding to their collection.


And last but not least – and most recently added – the spinel.

  • Spinels come in many colors ranging from violet to blue, red, orange, pink, and more.

  • Top quality spinels have a deep, rich color, which is why they have been confused throughout history with rubies and sapphires.

  • Natural spinels still can cost less than rubies or sapphires.

Spinels are also hard and tough, which makes spinel jewelry great for daily wear. August birthdays who love precious gemstones and deep, rich colors will appreciate this stone, which has been called the most underappreciated gem in history.

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