Dave & Meg

June 07, 2019

How they met

Dave and Meg were introduced on August 31, 2014, in New York by their college teammates, Phebe and Etan, on the final night of Meg's preseason for soccer. They spent the night walking around New York and spent the entire next day together, eating brunch at Veselka, going to the movies, and getting caught in a rainstorm before ordering Chinese takeout. The night they met, Dave asked Meg to attend his National Championship game later that Spring, which she added to her calendar. She promised she'd be there if his team made it that far. Eight months later, Meg stayed true to her promise, watched his team win, and the rest is history.

About the Proposal

On the first night of their latest international adventure in Madrid (where Meg used to live), Dave took Meg to a restaurant that used to be a coal bunker, Las Carboneras De Lu. After a delicious multi-course meal, Dave asked Meg to translate, "2 glasses of champagne please?" and "Can you take a picture of us?". Once the waiter (who was in on the proposal) was handed the camera, Dave got down on one knee, surprising Meg. They spent the rest of the night drinking champagne, exploring Madrid, and enjoying late night chocolate and churros.

Looking toward the Future

Dave and Meg plan on getting married next year surrounded by their closest family and friends. They can't wait to travel the world together and see what the future brings!

Meg and Dave, thank you so much for choosing Henne. We loved hearing about the proposal and are thankful to be a part of your story!


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