Classic Jewelry: How to Wear Pearls

Pearls are some of the most ladylike, versatile, and fashionable elements you can have in your wardrobe. Their simplicity and timeless style make them the perfect accessories to add that extra bit of expression to your ensemble. But there are a few things you should keep in mind when deciding what styles and occasions you will use to show off your pearls.

Types of Pearls

There are many different types of pearls. The look of your jewelry depends a great deal on what kind of pearl is used in its design.

  • Akoya

These cultured pearls are primarily produced in Japan.  They were the first spherically shaped cultured pearls to be introduced to the jewelry markets. These pearls are usually white or cream in color with a rose overtone. Renowned for their luster, Akoya is considered the classic pearl. When one envisions a perfectly round, shiny white strand of pearls, one is almost certainly envisioning a strand of Akoya pearls.  Akoya pearls were the first cultured pearls to be farmed using a bead and mantle tissue technique patented by Kokichi Mikimoto of Mie Prefecture, Japan, in 1916.

  • Freshwater

These pearls are primarily produced in freshwater lakes, rivers, and ponds of China. They can be produced in a variety of shapes and pastel colors. Although the traditional source of pearls has been saltwater mollusks, freshwater mussels, which live in ponds, lakes, and rivers, can also produce pearls. China has harvested freshwater pearls in the form of mabe since the 13th century and has now become the world’s undisputed leader in freshwater pearl production. The first record mentioning pearls in China was from 2206 BC. The United States was also a major source of natural freshwater pearls, from the discovery of the New World, through the 19th century, until over-harvesting and increasing pollution significantly reduced the number of available pearl-forming mussels in the U.S.

  • Tahitian

Black Pearl NecklaceTahitian pearls are produced in the black-lipped oyster Pinctada margaritifera, in and around Tahiti and the French Polynesian islands. This oyster itself is quite large – sometimes over 12 inches across and weighing as much as 10 pounds – which often results in much larger-than-average pearls. The pearls are unique because of their natural dark colors. Most “black” Tahitian pearls are not actually black but are instead silver, charcoal, or a multitude of colors with the dominant color being green. Truly black pearls are extremely rare.

  • South Sea

Cultured in Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, South Sea pearls are one of the largest available on the market. Their coloring ranges between white and a deep golden color.  South Sea pearls are among the largest commercially harvested cultured pearls in the world. The average size of a South Sea pearl is 13 mm, with most harvests producing a range of sizes from 9 mm to 20 mm. The South Seas lie between the northern coast of Australia and the southern coast of China. These waters are the native habitat of a large oyster known as Pinctada maxima. This oyster grows up to 12 inches in diameter and can be nucleated with a much larger bead than other saltwater oysters such as the Akoya.  South Sea pearls have a soft, satiny luster that comes from large aragonite platelets and rapidly deposited nacre due to the warm waters of the South Seas. South Sea pearls also have a subtle array of colors; typically white, silver, and golden, that are rare in other pearl types.

  • Keshi

A Keshi pearl is a non-beaded pearl formed by accident as a by-product of a pearl culturing operation.  Keshi pearls are formed when the oyster rejects and spits out the implanted nucleus before the culturing process is complete, or the implanted mantle tissue fractures and forms separate pearl sacs without nuclei. These pearl sacs eventually produce pearls without a nucleus.  Keshi may form in either saltwater or freshwater pearls. They are generally small in size and, because there was no nucleus to guide the ultimate shaping of the pearl, their shapes vary widely. Keshi come in a wide variety of colors and tend to have high luster and even rare orient. This is due to their solid-nacre composition.  Because the oyster has expelled the implanted nucleus of the pearl, the resulting Keshi pearl is 100% nacre. This gives it an especially lustrous and shimmering surface quality. Most Keshi, in fact, have a greater luster than even the highest quality cultured pearls.

Pearl Shapes

Because pearls are natural organic substances, they occur in a wide variety of shapes, many of which are quite unique and interesting. Every pearl has a slightly different shape. The round pearls you most commonly see are by no means the only shape in which pearls are found! Indeed, perfectly round pearls are actually quite rare. This is because the eventual shape of the pearl is determined by a number of highly variable factors, which occur inside the oyster as the pearl is developing.  For example, the pearl often assumes the same shape as its nucleus (the bead which was placed inside the mollusk to initiate the formation of the pearl). If the nucleus is not perfectly round, the resulting pearl is likely to reflect this irregularity. In addition, the pearl’s positioning within the mollusk also plays a role in determining its shape. If the pearl develops against the shell, for example, it will become more flattened on that side.

Caring for Your Pearls

Pearls are the world’s only organic gem and are composed of calcium carbonate. This means special attention is required to ensure pearls will stay beautiful and last a lifetime.  Because pearls are an organic gemstone, they are somewhat different from other gemstones and precious metals. They are softer and more delicate, and they can, therefore, be more easily scratched, cracked, and damaged. In addition, substances such as perfume and hair spray -and even natural body oils and perspiration -can dull pearls’ luster or cloud their brilliance. For these reasons, your pearls may require a bit of special care. It’s a good idea, for example, to apply perfume, hair spray, and other cosmetics before putting on your pearls. In this way, you can minimize a number of these products that comes into contact with the pearls. After wearing your pearls, wipe them with a soft damp cloth to remove any traces of cosmetic products or body oils. Wash the pearls periodically with a mild soap and a soft cloth, to remove any accumulated build-up.

To prevent strand breakage, it’s a good idea to have your pearls restrung periodically -perhaps once a year or so if you wear them often. Knotting the strand between each pearl will prevent all of the pearls from falling off the strand in the event the strand breaks. Also, knotting prevents the pearls from rubbing against one another and causing damage. A little bit of care can go a long way toward ensuring that your pearls remain safe and bright for years to come!

How to Wear Pearls

Times sure have changed since the way in which pearls were once worn and by whom, but White Pearl Necklacefor all that passing of time, the affinity for these beauties haven’t faded. Today, there are new cultured pearls to wear and new ways in which to wear them:  twisted, layered, wrapped or knotted.  In fact, when it comes to cultured pearls, there’s only one fashion rule now—wear them anytime, anywhere and with nearly everything. Mix colors, lengths, shapes and sizes, even origin too, from South Sea and Akoya to Freshwater and Tahitian. Wear a single strand or two, or three.  Why not ten to mix and match?

The Long and Short of It
Throughout history pearls have had their ups and downs—some generations wore them longer, while others opted for a collar. Over five hundred years ago, during the Great Age of Pearls, fashion leaders wore ropes of pearls with shorter strands in-between. Today, that same spirit is shared in the fashion world, as our New Great Age of Cultured Pearls calls for strands of differing lengths (or a versatile rope of cultured pearls) to achieve the look that reflects the present.

Some favored lengths and styles to wear together or solo:

Collar:  12-13 inches – Usually three or more strands of pearls with a single clasp.

Choker:  14-16 inches – A single strand worn “tight” around the neck.

Princess:  17-19 inches – A single strand worn long enough to show a bit of throat.

Matinee:  20-24 inches – A longer single strand for lower necklines.

Opera:  28-34 inches – Worn as a single strand or doubled as a choker.

Rope (Sautoir or Lariat):  over 40 inches – Knot or loop it. A single rope can become a double or triple strand.

Bib Necklace:  A necklace with three or more strands that fit together like a bib.

Convertible Necklace:  Two or more strands that clasp together to form a single unit. The individual strands can be worn separately, attached or in bracelet/necklace combinations.

Graduated Necklace:  The size of the pearls gradually increases, with the smaller ones near the clasp and the largest in the center.

Uniform Necklace:  All the pearls are nearly equal in size, with a variation tolerance of .5mm (1/50 of an inch) or less.

Pearls are the essential adornment today, whether worn with jeans and a T-shirt or dressed for a gala.  Suited, booted, and anywhere you’re going, they’ll get you there in style.  One strand does it all, while 100 inches of pearl power gives you fashion by the yard.  Whether looped, knotted, or layered, there are over a dozen looks with a single rope of glorious lotus pearls.


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2017 Engagement Ring Trends

So you’ve met ‘the one’ and you’re ready to choose an engagement ring. It will be a symbol of your love and your impending marriage. And it’s also something worn on a daily basis for decades to come. Classic styles like single solitaire rings will always be in style, but there are a few trends that are on the rise in 2017. Here are a few to consider when choosing your engagement ring.

Intriguing Halosm646601-halo-engagement-ring

Halo settings have gained popularity over the years. It’s easy to be mesmerized by them because they include a row of sparkling gems that help draw attention to the center stone. This year, the halo settings are taking a leap and becoming even more unique. You will see intricate designs, vintage options, and geometric styles. The most popular halo style will look more retro and antique.

Accent Colors

When you think about an engagement ring, you probably think about diamonds. Colored stones were a big trend to include in engagement rings in 2016 and they still are for 2017. This year, instead of using just a diamond, you may want to find a ring with a colored accent. Consider a ring with an emerald and diamond duo or one with a diamond and a ruby. Go with a birthstone, favorite color, or personal taste. Two colors add a pop to any ring and make it more distinctive and special.

Edwardian Options

Edwardian rings are known for being intricate and feminine. They use a lot of diamonds, colored gemstones at times, and plenty of platinum. They also always have intricate details to show they are from the Edwardian era. Whether you want a vintage design or something that looks handmade, these rings have a distinctive charm that really stands out. The craftsmanship always looks delicate and the rings come off as one-of-a-kind designs.

Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are non-traditional and much edgier than traditional diamonds. The stones have a dark look but are associated with passion and certainty. They are a nice symbolic choice for any engagement.  Add to the black diamond a geometric style and accent stones, and you come away with a look that will stand out in any crowd.

639351-stacked-yellow-gold-engagement-ringStacked Rings

Stacked rings have been popular for several years, but in 2017, they are becoming the trendy norm. Who doesn’t like two rings stacked together instead of just one? Stacked rings allow a variety of styles to come together. There are standard solitaire rings that can be stacked with rows of diamonds and there are more intriguing geometric shapes that go with contoured bands.

Opal Stones

Opals have a dreamy look – and who doesn’t want a wedding to be dreamy? In 2017, you may see some couples replacing the diamond in the engagement ring with an opal instead. The stone gives off a mystical quality and has a rainbow of hues that fits any outfit. Opals are associated with love and loyalty, two things every long, successful marriage should have. They can stand alone or be surrounded by diamonds and other stones to create a particularly dazzling look.



Intertwined Bands

When people marry, two become one. The romantic notion of a twisted band, forever entwining your love, is becoming very popular in 2017. The symbolism is stunning and the bands themselves can be described in the same manner. Intertwined bands look like two put together and wound around one another. The bands are often encrusted with diamonds, but they can also be metal, and feature a stone at the center.


Rubies are the ultimate symbol of passion and love. Those who like vintage styles will treasure an antique-looking ring that features a ruby, but there are modern options as well. The ruby gives off a regal feel and the beauty is often simple and sleek.

Clusters of Stones

This 2017 trend breaks away from the single-stone group and adds a trio or grouping of various sizes of diamonds together. Many brides say the more diamonds the better – and these rings place many of them in a cluster to give extra shine. Some of the rings have an asymmetrical design that makes them appear more artsy or creative while others cluster the diamonds in a more proportional manner.

58706-split-band-engagement-ringPave Split Bands

The Pave bands were a huge trend in 2016 and their popularity remains in 2017. The band includes a split shank. The band splits into two where it joins with the diamond. The two separate bands are often lined with diamonds, which gives a stunning, sparkling presentation to any finger.

Rose Gold

Rose gold has a slight tinge of pink to it and really makes diamonds and other stones pop. Rings with rose gold settings will disappear from the shops fast because they stand out and are right on trend this year.

Trends come and go; however, some couples like to choose a trend popular in the year of engagement.  When doing so, the ring captures a meaningful point in time in the relationship and freezes that excitement.  When looking back at the ring design, the trend evokes nostalgia.   Other couples choose rings which are more classic in style.  This timeless design may signify a lifetime commitment.  Whichever style you choose, it’s more important that the journey and decisions leading to it are full of love and collaboration – just like the relationship is!


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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Do you know what you’re getting the special someone in your life?  We put together some great ideas, no matter who you’re planning to surprise.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

The following are just a gift ideas that the man in your life might appreciate:

  • A new watch – A watch is to men what jewelry is to women. When a man dresses up for a special occasion, he makes sure to put on his favorite watch. This doesn’t mean he can’t use another watch if he already has one. Variety is the spice of life, and no man will mind having several watches to choose from. Just be sure to pay attention to the types of watches he generally wears in order to get a feel for his style. One of our favorites is this traditional quartz watch by Mont Blanc.6622-Mont-Blanc-Tradition-quartz-watch
  • A new wallet – Is his wallet starting to fall apart? Are receipts and cards spilling out of it? Then maybe he could use a brand-new wallet. Get him a leather wallet with a bit of class so he can finally throw away that velcro wallet that’s barely being held together at the seams.
  • A pair of cufflinks – A well-dressed man can have quite an impact. Not just on you, but on his coworkers, bosses, business partners and clients. A pair of beautiful classic cufflinks will add an elegant and sophisticated accent to his suits, and will certainly draw attention. And in a way, cufflinks are similar to the earrings in that they will remind him of you and give him a chance to show off your love for him.
  • A league pass – He probably has at least one sport that he follows religiously, whether it’s basketball, football, baseball or hockey. You can purchase a league pass for almost any sport, which will allow him to watch every single game played by every team for the season! A league pass will make it easy for him to follow his favorite team without having to find a subpar stream on his computer for games that aren’t nationally televised.
  • A money clip – Does your boyfriend or husband always seem to carry around loose cash? Then a money clip is the perfect solution. You can make him feel especially luxurious by getting him a sterling silver or yellow gold money clip. A money clip is a fantastic way to show him that you’ve put some thought into his gift without making a grand statement, perfect whether you’ve only been together for a little while or if you’ve been married for years! This Estate Tiffany’s yellow gold money clip is a great choice for the guy in your life.


  • A men’s bracelet – Bracelets are by no means only a woman’s accessory. Men often wear bracelets as well. In fact, there’s something rugged and earthy about a man with a bracelet. Not to mention that the bracelet is a symbol of an eternal human connection, making it a perfect Valentine’s Day gift! There are many different types of bracelets that are appropriate for men, but consider a classic chain bead bracelet.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women

You can’t go wrong with any of these Valentine’s Day gifts when it comes to showing the woman in your life how much you appreciate her:

  • A necklace – A necklace is a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for several reasons. First of all, who doesn’t love a new piece of jewelry? Second, a necklace can represent your love for her, which she can not only wear as a way to feel close to you when you are apart, but to show off that love to the world as well. Seeing as how it’s a Valentine’s Day gift, consider something like a necklace with a heart pendant, or something that expresses your love such as this white gold ‘Live with Love’ pendant.


  • A silk robe – A robe to keep her warm in the mornings before she gets dressed for the day might be just what she needs. Get her something sexy and comfortable by picking up a silk robe. Not only will she be nice and warm during colder mornings, but she’ll feel especially luxurious as well.
  • A bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates – It may be a bit traditional, but you can’t argue that it’s not a classic. While you can pick up a dozen red roses and a box of chocolates at your nearest grocery store, why not go the extra mile by ordering a unique bouquet of multi-colored flowers from an online vendor or a local boutique shop? The same goes for the box of chocolates. There are plenty of online stores where you can order artisanal chocolates instead of settling on a generic brand.
  • An engagement ring – If you want to make this Valentine’s Day a really memorable one, use it as an opportunity to ask her for her hand in marriage! It being Valentine’s Day, there’s a good chance she won’t see it coming. Taking her out for a nice meal or to a romantic location certainly won’t seem out of the ordinary on Valentine’s Day. But when you get down to your knee to pop the question, she’ll certainly be surprised. If you plan on doing this, it’s important that you choose the right engagement ring, whether you go with a classic design, a vintage design or a more modern design. If you want to go all out, Mark Patterson is a brilliant designer to consider.


  • A set of earrings – If this is the first Valentine’s Day that you’re spending together, then finding the perfect gift can be a little challenging. You probably won’t want to invest in diamond encrusted ring if you’ve only been together for a month, after all. You also don’t want to just settle on a gift card either! A solid middle ground would be a pair of charming hoop or stud earrings. A gift like this will show that you put some thought into your gift, even if you’re not exactly getting down on one knee. These blue topaz studs from Nina Pugliese are real stunners!


  • A bracelet – Bracelets are a great accessory for women because they complement the elegance of her hands. They’re also a great Valentine’s Day gift because of how many different types of bracelets there are. You can go with something a bit less flashy and more subtle by picking up a woven bracelet or go all out with a 18k rose gold bracelet, like this diamond hinged bangle bracelet.


These are just a few ideas to help inspire you when it comes to figuring out what to get that special someone in your life for Valentine’s Day. If you’re thinking about picking up a piece of jewelry, be sure to visit us at Henne Jewelers for a wide selection of gorgeous, high-quality jewelry.


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John Henne’s Holiday Gift Picks for Him

Who better to share his favorite picks for the holidays than owner John Henne. Here are a few of his favorite gift picks for a special guy in your life.

Custom 14 Karat Yellow Gold Cross Pendant

This gold cross pendant is on a 20-inch yellow gold solid rope chain.  It’s one gold Cross pendantof my favorites because it’s a basic cross that can be worn every day and is a reminder of the significance of my faith.

Tuum Origine Burnished Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet
This bracelet features the ‘Our Father’ prayer in Latin. I personally have worn a Tuum bracelet daily for the past two and a half years. It is very stylish and subtly reminds me of the Lord’s Prayer, which is something I say every day.

I’m a fan of using cufflinks as a fun way to add dimension to what you’re wearing. And what better way to spice up your business attire or a casual outfit than Red Chili Pepper cufflinks? If your recipient is a little more traditional, the 14k Rose Gold Cushion White Agate Martensi cufflinks are dressy and stylish.

Mont Blanc Great Characters Special Edition ‘Andy Warhol’ Ballpoint Pen Mont Blanc Great Characters Special Edition 'Andy Warhol' Ballpoint Pen

If the person you are shopping for isn’t a big jewelry wearer, consider a Mont Blanc Ballpoint Pen. The Great Characters Special Edition Andy Warhol pen is a great gift for your favorite Pittsburgher.


37mm Nomos Glashutte Metro Datum Gangreserve Manual Wind Watch (Stainless Steel, White Silver-Plated Dial, Power Reserve Indicator, Sub-Dial, Date, Exhibition Back, Black Leather Strap)
This watch is very sleek and fashionable. It looks great with a suit but can also be worn casually. Nomos is a family run company out of Glashutte, Germany. Their values so significantly align with ours at Henne Jewelers, so we are proud to represent their company.

Sterling Silver 1-inch wide PlaiSterling Silver Money Clipn Money Clip
I always carry a money clip separate from my wallet. This can be engraved with your name or initials along with other sayings. It’s a great personalized gift that your gift recipient will use every day!


40mm Rolex Submariner Watch (Stainless Steel, Black Dial, Date, Black Time-Lapse Bezel, Oyster Bracelet)

This is a classic, iconic Rolex. It was originally designed in 1953 and has changed very little, aesthetically, over the years, but they have regularly improved it technologically. It now boasts a ceramic bezel and fully adjustable clasp. This watch is very durable and can be worn for any and all activities. It is a true divers watch but it also looks great with a suit.

40mm Rolex Yacht-Master Watch (18K Everrose Gold, Matte Black Dial, Date, Matte Black Bi-Directional Bezel, Black Oysterflex Strap)
This watch is so sharp and unbelievably comfortable. The details that go into the oyster flex bracelet are incredible. The bracelet has a titanium insert that allows it to keep the curve of your wrist. I love the contrast of the rose gold and the black.40mm Rolex Yacht-Master Watch

Last minute shopping? We have extended hours until December 24th with a gift to fit everyone on your list this year.

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Dara Henne’s Holiday Gift Picks for Her

We talked with Dara at the end of last month to get her thoughts on her favorite pieces to give as gifts this holiday season. Read below for her choices and let us know which one you’d love to receive. Continue reading

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Holiday Gifts: How to Shop for Jewelry

When you need to buy a gift for someone important to you, jewelry is always a good choice.

But shopping for jewelry can be intimidating. There are so many options and styles…it’s hard to pick the perfect gift for that special someone.

The gift you choose in the end should be a personal reflection of his or her taste. Or you can venture outside the box with something a little unexpected. Either way, when you give someone jewelry, you’re giving them a sentimental gift that lasts a lifetime!

Here are our best tips on how to make sure you choose the perfect gift this holiday season.

Cover the Basics

The very first thing you need to do is nail down the basics of jewelry buying.

Choose a Color

If you’re looking for something with a gemstone or diamond, you need to narrow down the color. Stones and diamonds come in more colors than just clear, so take a moment to decide what color you want to stick with. If you’re stuck, you can never go wrong with a birthstone!

Decide on a Metal

Now for the metal. If your gift recipient is fond of timeless, classic styles, gold jewelry may be the way to go. Or, if you are looking for something trendier, seek out rose gold. If you’re not sure, choose silver.

Set a Budget

Before you start shopping, set a budget for your gift purchase. It’s helpful to know your cost limit up front.

Start Shopping

Once you’ve covered the basics, it’s time to start shopping! Depending on what type of jewelry you want to buy, there are some things to consider.


The first thing you need to do if you’re considering earrings is decide on small, large or dangling types. Try to take notice of what your gift recipient already wears. If you are unsure, seek out a trendy and fun look that will compliment many different styles.

chevron wrap earringsOur Pick

Try these chevron wrap earrings from the EF Collection. They have a great sparkle and are perfect for the millennial on your gift list!



From bangles, to charms, to cuffs – there are many different options to choose from and something for everyone’s taste!  When choosing a bracelet, think first about size. You don’t want the piece to overwhelm the wearers’ arm. Then, ask if you want this piece to be able to be worn different ways. silver cuff bracelet

Our Pick

For example, Efva Attling’s Hooked on Simone Cuff Bracelet suits many different occasions. Cuff bracelets like this one have been a trend all year. Show her your attention to detail with this stunning bracelet!


Necklaces come in all different lengths. The most popular length is the Princess length, which is 18 inches from end to end. Necklaces also come in different styles, such as chains, strands and pendants.  Think about what your rose quartz and yellow gold necklace special someone usually likes to wear to point you in the right direction.

Our Pick

Vianna B.R.A.S.I.L. is known for their use of beautiful gemstones in unique setting. This rose quartz and 18kt yellow gold necklace puts a modern twist on the classic pendant.


A ring can be a great statement piece that catches everyone’s eye. If you are conservative, asix-band ring ring can show your more adventurous side. There are so many fun and flashy pieces!

Our Pick

Rose gold has been popping up more and more. This six-band ring by Messika is a favorite of some of the entertainment industry’s top stars. The Gatsby line focuses on highlighting even the smallest of diamonds through flawless settings and uncluttered lines.


Something as timeless as a watch can have a lot of thought and sentiment behind it. From the band to the face of the watch, make sure you are choosing something that fits the Black Bay Dark is a stainless-steel watch personality of the person you are giving it to.

Our Pick

Tudor’s Black Bay Dark is a stainless-steel watch with an aged black leather band and an additional grey nylon strap for added versatility.


Jewelry is an exciting gift to receive. As you pick your gifts this season, visit Henne Jewelers for expert advice in choosing the perfect present for your loved ones. Let us become your Jewelers for Life!

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Channel the Stars with Henne Jewelers

By Stephanie Desmond for Henne Jewelers

All eyes have been on the red carpets recently. Award shows and movie premieres give celebrities a chance to look their best and give us all inspiration for our own nights on the town. Henne Jewelers is here to help you channel your inner Hollywood spirit.

dakota johnson jewelry

dakota johnson jewelry 2

Last week, Dakota Johnson was in London for the premiere of her latest film, How to Be Single. Aside from her lovely dress, what really turned heads was her jewelry. Johnson chose stunning Messika pieces for her big day, including a pair of earrings and a skinny bracelet from the designer’s Angel collection.


MessikaBraceletmessika ring





Henne Jewelers has a wide selection of Messika pieces to choose from. This 18k white gold pave Move diamond bangle bracelet will sparkle at any event. Pair it with the 18k white gold Gatsby 10 row diamond ring to feel like a true starlet.

The Screen Actors Guild Awards was held at the end of January. There were many trends to admire, but diamonds were the real winner. From the classics to colors, the ladies displayed their bling proudly.

TinaFeylaura prepon necklace





Many of the stars wore their diamonds as earrings, like Tina Fey. Others donned rings, bracelets and necklaces. Laura Prepon’s necklace featured 6.94 carats.

diamond earring in pittsburgh








Henne Jewelers has many lovely diamond options, like these 14k white gold pear shaped silhouette style earrings. They feature 60 round brilliant diamonds.

pittsburgh diamond necklace imagediamond necklaces Henne Jewelers





Additionally, there are many necklaces to choose from. Glamorous versions like the fancy cut 28.13 carat necklace are lovely for a night out. Others, like the 14k white gold pave diamond triangle pendant are perfect for day or night.

omega watch image








The SAG Awards had many glamorous men, as well! They opted for timepieces as their jewelry feature. Henne Jewelers also has an extensive watch selection from Omega, Rolex, Tudor, Hamilton, Tissot and more!

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2016 Red Carpet Looks for Your Valentine

By Stephanie Desmond for Henne Jewelers

With the holiday of hearts right around the corner, it’s time to find inspiration for your special someone. The season’s hottest jewelry trends can be found across the award show red carpets, and at Henne Jewelers!

Valentine's Day jewelry Pittsburgh

Bryce Dallas Howard and Gina Rodriguez (via

One of the biggest trends this year were colorful statement earrings. Many of the starlets at the Golden Globes donned bright gems like rubies, sapphires and emeralds surrounded by diamonds.

sapphire earringsdiamond earrings pittsburgh





Henne Jewelers has an array of earrings to choose from for your loved one. These yellow gold, tanzanite and diamond earrings belong on any red carpet. Or bring out her true glamour with yellow diamond teardrops.

rachel mcadams bracelet


messika diamond ring

Messika Diamond Ring

Messika bracelet

Messika Bracelet

Sometimes it’s the delicate touches that make the biggest statement. Rachel McAdams proved this at the Critics Choice Awards this year. Her simple bracelet and ring made a deep impression. This Messika diamond ring and rose gold bracelet are just the basic touches that will make any lady feel gorgeous.

diamond ring pittsburghsophia bush necklacehigh fashion rings





The most treasured pieces year after year, though, are the timeless gems that frost celebrities from head to toe. Like Marisa Tomei’s pinky ring at the Critics Choice Awards, Sophia Bush’s diamonds and Zendaya’s statement rings at the Golden Globes, your Valentine will love classic pieces from Henne Jewelers.

diamond flower ringvalentine's day necklacevalentine's day ring





Come in to our store in Shadyside before February 14 to find the perfect gift for any Valentine!

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Henne Jewelers Guide to Gifting: The Vintage Enthusiast

By Stephanie Desmond for Henne Jewelers

Facing the holiday pressure of finding the perfect gift for everyone in your life? Henne Jewelers has you covered! Throughout the holiday season, we will be bringing you tailored gift ideas for all of the groups that are toughest to shop for.

As trends come and go, some pieces never go out of style. Henne Jewelers has an extensive selection of vintage and estate jewelry that will go wonderfully under any tree.

vintage estate bracelet

This bangle will surprise any lady on your list. Adorned with 108 round brilliant sapphires and 54 round brilliant diamonds, it is perfect for day and night.

estate jewelry ring

It was once believed that holding an opal wrapped in a bay leaf in your hand would bring invisibility. Wrap this ring in your best paper this year, and we are sure everyone will see you made the perfect gift choice this year!

vintage earrings

Reminiscent of a holiday party at Gatsby’s, these will never lose their sparkle. With 18k white gold and diamonds, the estate Jubilee earrings are sure to please in any generation.

estate vintage diamond necklace

Nothing is as timeless as your love. Show her how you feel all year long with this heart pendant. The 14k white gold silhouette features a brilliant center diamond and 18 additional round stones. For these pieces and more from our estate collection, stop by Henne Jewelers this holiday season!

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Henne Guide to Gifting: The Minimalist

By Stephanie Desmond for Henne Jewelers

Facing the holiday pressure of finding the perfect gift for everyone in your life. Henne Jewelers has you covered! Throughout the holiday season, we will be bringing you tailored gift ideas for all of the groups that are toughest to shop for.

Some people really are all about the simpler things in life. What’s not simple, though, is shopping for them.

designer bracelet HenneThis rose gold wire bracelet is flexible and elegant. Despite the 48 diamonds, this piece is perfect for everyday wear.

designer henne earrings

Antiqued earrings like these will be a favorite gift this year. Adorned with sterling silver and diamonds, these Aegean earrings feature beautiful accents.

marika ring pittsburgh

This Marika ring is a simple addition to her wardrobe, yet gorgeously embellished. With brushed gold and a center diamond, the cut-out flower is a perfect piece.

henne jewelers necklace

A necklace doesn’t need a lot of frills to make a statement. This black onyx beaded strand also features 14k gold for a delicate finish.

From simple to extravagant, Henne Jewelers has gifts for everyone on your list!

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